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Pirates of the Caribbean

an icon community for POTC

Pirates of the Caribbean icons
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This is a community devoted to the sharing of Pirates of the Caribbean icons.

There are just a couple of rules/suggestions to help make things run smoother:

1) When you post an entry please make sure you specify if the icons are free for the taking, or whether you'd prefer to be asked first, or if they are just for display.

2) Icon requests are allowed as well. Please specify what picture, or post it, and what you would like done on that icon.

3) You are also welcome to post icon sites here as well.

4) Actor icons are also welcomed, but only if they are in the movie.

5) If any icons contain nudity or adult manner, please use the lj-cut tag or put a link to those icons. Also include a warning.

So have fun, create, share, and enjoy!

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